Hello everyone (yes, I know.. no one reads this but anyways feels better pretending not talk to myself)... I have added a new guide (it I hope illustrates the basics of using NSClient++ with Nagios) on how to check if a process is running on a windows machine. It draws upon the earlier guides I published recently and tries to be very through and detailed. Please let me know if they are helpful or not and how I can improve them. The guide ca be found [wiki:guides/nagios/check_proc here] or from the new [wiki:guides Check Guides Page]. I have also reworked the "menu system" for the wiki to something slightly more "compact" and hopefully easier to work with, please let me know what you think. ||'''Old'''||'''New''' ||[[Image(old.png)]]||[[Image(new.png)]] Also don't forget the Netways Conferance this fall: I will also give a presentation on Application Monitoring where I will dive into how to monitor your Java based middleware via (amongst other things) JMX. Details on the conference can be found at the web page [http://www.netways.de/en/osmc/y2009/splitpage/]. [[Image(https://nsclient.org/trac/osmc09/Quer_OSMC_Eng.jpg)]]