This fixes a few minor bugs so it is arecomended upgrade but please do be aware that it is considerd "pre-release" for a week or so so I can get some feedback on it.

Bugs fixed in this build:

  • CheckLogFile: Fixed crash when tracelogging realtime monitoring
  • Installer: Fixed op5 scripts ...

0.5.0 Released

Posted by mickem at 2016-09-11

Finally after 62 builds we have reach the next milestone in the NSClient++ saga. While there are some breaking changes in general it should be a smooth upgrade for most people. And as 0.5.0 has been out in beta for several months I hope it wont have to ...


After months of delays 0.4.3 was officially out during xmas. I always release tings silently so early adopters can report back issues and bugs before everyone installs things. So without further ado NSClient++ 0.4.3 (service release 2) is officially launched today!\ This release fixes some ...