RC8 out!

Posted by mickem at 2009-03-26

Hello everyone (and yes that is probably only me, since no one ever comments on theses :) Anyways, new RC out as promised, nothing really new from last nights build but I have been running some tests and such to see if I can track down the errant memory leak I ...

I disallowed wget since it use up quite a lot of "my" resources, please respect this and don't "try to get around it" if you have a legit reason for it let me know and I can help you out. // Michael Medin

I have added some caching to css/js which will make the site a bit snappier as well as (I hope) reduce the load on the slice. I was at a customer doing a review on a public "high profile" website and remarked on this issue and on the way ...

The latest RC out in a bit will fix the issues with missing encryptions on NSCA connections. A good way to verify this is too run:

 NSClient++ /about

Which yields the following:

 ... l NSClient++.cpp(339) * NSCAAgent (w/ encryption) (NSCAAgent.dll) l NSClient++.cpp(342) Passive check support (needs NSCA ...

Sight... Apparently (I just discovered) trac 11 was a '''big''' mistake memory usage has gone through the roof as well as overall performance. I shall investigate if I can downgrade again this weekend or possibly dist-upgrade and see if python 2.5 is better then 2.4 (apparently it is ...

Hello again, RC3 is out with two changes to event log. I will also (during the weekend) be upgrading trac to 0.11 in hopes to reduce spam (as it allows email verification for registration of users). Change log:

 2009-02-05 MickeM * Fixed so the error message for "to small eventlog ...

0.3.6 RC2 out!

Posted by mickem at 2009-02-04

New RC for the 0.3.6 series some minor updates to the building code to make it build a proper manifest (works on vista and above now). As well as a new time_delay option for the NSCA handling to allow you to modify the "time" used when sending responses ...

Nothing major new but have been tested on NT4 and a few other images to make sure the new building subsystem and such works. Will do some more load and performance tests and unless there are any bugs new version will be out in a few days. But please take ...


New nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2009-01-25 Langenenenen

New nightly up with mainly fixes to a handful of issues. from the changelog

 2009-01-25 MickeM * Fixed issue with checkVersion (#242) * Fixed spelling error (#244) * Fixed crash in CheckFile when a file was locked in exclusive mode (#254) + Improved error handling in all CheckDIsk/CheckFile checks. Should report errors better ...

New nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2009-01-23 Langenenenen

New experimental build system as well as some fixes. I need to check linkage and such and make sure it wont require a lot of 3:d party modules so use with care. It also features a 16bit support for CheckProcState as well as a complete rewrite to make the ...


New nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2009-01-20 Langenenenen

A new nightly build up. This is an up coming 0.3.6 witch features a brand new build system (boost build). Notice this build is still built from within visual studio but it can be built with boost as well but currently the renaming of the zip-file and upload ...


New NSCA Article

Posted by mickem at 2009-01-19

Posted an in depth article by Wojciech Kocjan about NSCA checking. It is an extract from the book "Learning Nagios 3.0" [http://www.packtpub.com/guide-for-learning-nagios-3/book by Packt Publishing].


Hab.la chat...

Posted by mickem at 2008-12-17

Added a hab.la "chat widget" (lower left). Unfortunately it is a bit flaky so it often shows my status as "online" even when I am away so if I do not reply I am probably away :) // Michael Medin

Hello everyone. Since I assume I have a lot of readers on this "blog" I figured you were all worried thinking I might have died so I better post a status update. '''NO''' I am not dead! Anyways, I got fed up with my old apartment when I had the ...



Posted by mickem at 2008-09-27

For those who keep track I have just merged the trunk with the 0.3.6 changes so soon there might be nightly builds from that branch but we shall see. I have some ideas on re shuffling the order of the "new features" as well, mainly moving the graphic ...


0.3.4 Released!

Posted by mickem at 2008-09-18

Just a quick shout to everyone as I have just released the 0.3.4 version of NSClient++. The major new things are:

  1. The new system tray that works on Vista and beyond
  2. Many fixes and improved error handling.

A slightly more detailed list:

  • Minor tweaks to CheckServiceState ("missing services ...

0.3.4 RC-4 out!

Posted by mickem at 2008-09-14

Fixes a few small but all so important issues. The issues here has lead me to believe I need to do some more testing so I will wait a bit more for a release. But please please try it out and report back bugs. Would be nice to have a ...