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11:41 Ticket #489 (Add a regex function in CheckDriveSize) created by smutel
It will be great feature to include the capability to specify a regex in …


11:55 Ticket #487 (Issue with CLIENTVERSIONS check) closed by Fraeco
worksforme: I just figured that the "NSCLIENT++" is also part of the string that's …


23:13 CheckDisk/CheckFiles edited by mickem
13:03 Ticket #488 (UNKNOWN Status when Monitoring Windows Clock Sync.) created by BiFo
Hi, Im running Nagios Core Version 3.2.3 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux …
12:13 Ticket #487 (Issue with CLIENTVERSIONS check) created by Fraeco
When issuing the CLIENTVERSION command with the check using the -l …


15:29 Ticket #486 (Checkdisk.dll stops nsclient++) created by Remc0
I use the following check: heck_nrpe -H backup01 -c CheckFileSize -a …


23:56 Changeset in nscp [16198e3] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
* Fixed issue with installer not saving nsc.ini when upgrading from 0.3.9


22:45 Changeset in nscp [d48afa1] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
Updated the post-build scripts a bit to allow automatic upload after build


15:05 Ticket #485 (CheckDriveSize, perfdatas) created by benoitp
Hello, Something has changed in perfdata of CheckDriveSize in the last …
00:04 Changeset in nscp [b24c97f] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
* Added initial SyslogClient module to allow syuslog forwarding (of …


21:00 Changeset in nscp [40fca56] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
* Added initial SMTPClient to allow sending messages via SMTP. Still …


23:18 Changeset in nscp [0d9eed6] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
minor fix to make it build on debian as well
22:04 Changeset in nscp [f7a074d] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
* Had some "vacation" so no updates for a while * A lot of fixes to the …


19:36 Ticket #484 ([CheckTaskSched2.dll] NSCP restarts again and again) created by deisecairo
Hello, I'm using the module CheckTaskSched2.dll to request Task …


11:12 Ticket #483 (Critical state when 0 processes running) created by Bernd
Hi, I'm using check_nrpe and CheckProcState to get an error …


15:23 Ticket #482 (Negative denominator value) created by MathieuS
I've read a lot of error reports concerning the "negative denominator …


01:42 Ticket #481 (external command with large result very slow) created by oskar
I have check_nrpe on the server with multiline patch …


20:28 Changeset in nscp [58f0e80] by Michael Medin <michael@…>
2011-10-21 MickeM * Some more threading issues in Python (works …


15:34 Ticket #480 (check_nt -v FILEAGE not working on 0.3.9) created by m000697
When using the check_nt -v FILEAGE with nsclient version 0.3.9 I always …
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