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17:16 Ticket #172 (Min|Max Warn|Crit Count Argument Position) created by big-byrd
As per forum thread:
01:00 Milestone 0.3.2 completed
Minor memory leak fix


22:51 Ticket #170 (memory leaks in check SERVICESTATE) closed by mickem
fixed: New nightly that fixes this issue: …


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15:38 RemoteUpdate created by jonivar.larsen@…


16:55 Ticket #171 (Maybe a bug in CheckWMIValues) created by stefan.diegelmann@…
When I set the warning/critical paramter to a value which is for example …
11:31 Ticket #170 (memory leaks in check SERVICESTATE) created by mickem
I'm trying to track it down. I can say it's related to a check though, …
11:27 Ticket #169 (CheckWMI broken?) created by mickem
Hi, I have serious trouble in using the CheckWMI module. For testing …


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22:22 Ticket #168 (SysTray not working on 2003) created by andy@…
[…] […] […] […] This occured on all 30 windows 2003 servers …


02:25 Ticket #167 (CheckCounter enable no process to return OK) created by <ure
Hi, CheckCounter currently returns status unknown if process is not …


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23:24 Blog:2008-04-24 created by mickem


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google, not goggle ;) (diff)


14:47 Ticket #166 (check wmi and check counters on remote windows hosts) created by ssvenn@…
Is this possible today? It would be very nice if i could install …
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01:16 Ticket #165 (checkcounter - Perfmon counter instance has unallowed character) created by Roger Glass
I'm trying to use the CheckCounter check with a Perfmon object that has a …


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Just another example (diff)
00:54 Ticket #164 (Question about bug fix in 0.3.1 release) created by justinjoseph24@…
In the release notes one author wrote: * Fixed a memory-leak in …
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