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    I use check_nt on my nagios server (Linux) and NSClient++ for my Windows Servers.

    I want to use the plugin check_logfiles on Windows. I saw on this website [[BR]]
    [[http://labs.consol.de/lang/en/nagios/check_logfiles/]]that we need to declare the following command in the file NSC.ini on Windows:

    check_logfiles=C:\Perl\bin\perl C:\libexec\check_logfiles --config $ARG1$

    I have already installed Perl, and I also added it to my environment variables.

    My problem : I don’t know in which section of the file NSC.ini I must declare this command?

    Can you help me, please ?


    Michael Medin

    Scripts requires (ish) NRPE and if you follow the NRPE getting started guide I think it should give you the information you need…

    // Michael Medin

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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