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    Hi Everyone:

    Firts post.

    I’m trying to check some conunters about ASP.NET like “\ASP.NET Applications(*)\Request Execution Time”, but our server has a Spanish Windows version so, the name of this counter has an accented vowel, something like “ejecución” so, when I try to check this counter NSClient fail to locate it. :-(

    NSClient it’s working fine, e.g:

    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$ ./check_nrpe -H as-pro-09 
    I ( 2011-07-04) seem to be doing fine...
    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$
    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$ ./check_nrpe -H as-pro-09 -c alias_cpu
    OK CPU Load ok.|'5m'=0%;80;90 '1m'=2%;80;90 '30s'=0%;80;90
    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$
    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$ ./check_nrpe -H as-pro-09 -c alias_disk
    WARNING: C:\: Total: 20G - Used: 18.6G (93%) - Free: 1.35G (7%) < warning|'C:\ %'=7%;10;5 'C:\'=18.64GB;2;1;0;20

    Some counters works fine e.g:

    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$./check_nrpe -H as-pro-09 -c CheckCounter -a "\\Servicio HTTP\\UriCacheHits"
    OK all counters within bounds.|'\Servicio HTTP\UriCacheHits'=6597

    But if I try some "CheckCounter" with an accented vowel (or any other spanish character) it fails. :-( e.g:

    [cgarcia@sg-pro-04 libexec]$ ./check_nrpe -H as-pro-09 -c CheckCounter -a "\\ASP.NET\\Reinicios de la aplicación"        
    CRIT: Counter not found: \ASP.NET\Reinicios de la aplicación: No se puede encontrar el contador especificado.   (C0000BB9)

    I must understand that the problem it's with this kind of characters. Is there any solution or workarround to solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance.


    Michael Medin

    That is a limitation of the NRPE protocol.
    There are a few workarounds though:

    1, You can use indexes
    2, you can “guess your way” to the correct locale used
    3, you can define the counters in nsc.ini (which supports utf8)

    // Michael Medin


    Michael, thank you very much for your anwser. :-)

    I guess number 3, IMHO, it’s the simplest approach for checking one server, but when you need to monitor several ones you need to modify every nsc.ini in every server. Too much work. :-(

    Talking about “indexes”…

    · What they are?
    · How can I get these indexes?

    Can you point me some URL with instructions. I try “” but there is no info about indexes. :-S

    Thanks again.


    I find the URL with de index explanation. :-)

    Thanks Again. :-)

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