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    2 quick questions:

    Is there a way to copy an external nsc.ini during installation?

    Is there a way to make the service start automatically after installation?

    The two questions above are somewhat linked because it will have little sense starting a non properly configured nsclient++ service…




    Michael Medin

    There is a flag for restarting (which someone (you?) said did not work in unattended mode so for that I am unsure.

    Copy ini file I though you did that by modifying the MSI package?

    // Michael Medin


    I readed that post too (wasn’t mine), so I’ll wait for the v4 to come out.

    As in other thread, I’d like to have the possibility to get an external NSC.ini if present in the install source dir.

    In this way, without modifying your original msi package (less direct metodology), we could deploy our custom config and start the service automatically.

    Also, another feature I’d like would be the possibility to reload the config automatically every x minutes (or, at least, some part of it). The feature could be very useful while deploying new commands: with GPO File preference I already update the config file on all my servers. Obviously, this function makes the previous one useless, but maybe is a bit more difficult to implement.

    Thanks for your work on nsclientpp, it rocks!




    I made something useful (at least to me ;)) with a GPO and a vbs script.

    The GPO deploys NSC.ini and the vbs script from a central shared directory.
    It deploys also a scheduled task that launch the script every x minutes (x=10 in my configuration).

    The script checks:
    1) if the NSC.ini has changed and eventually (re)starts NSClient++ service.
    2) starts NSClient++ service if not already running.

    If someone is interested I’ll be happy to share, just mail me at




    Michael Medin

    0.4.x has support for loading ini files from a remote server during start up.

    Another option is the custom installers I build for sponsors normally contain 3 ini files.
    1. being the normal which includes:
    2. A company specific one for the company which includes a:
    3. A user customization one for customer overrides.

    I think maybe I should switch the regular installer to using a similar scheme some day?

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