0.5.0 Released

Posted by mickem at 2016-09-11

Finally after 62 builds we have reach the next milestone in the NSClient++ saga. While there are some breaking changes in general it should be a smooth upgrade for most people. And as 0.5.0 has been out in beta for several months I hope it wont have to many bugs. The biggest issue will be from people upgrading from older versions (before 0.4.3) as there a number of cumulative changes since then. As always the download can be found under downloads on the NSClient++ site https://www.nsclient.org/download/0.5.0/

There are several new features in 0.5.0 and the main goal was to make NSClient++ easier to use and more future proof.

  • New and improved WebUI
  • Metrics support
  • Re-written clients and better support for graphite et.al.
  • Fixed count in filters which was not working in versions 0.4.3. and 0.4.4
  • Added floating point number support to filters
  • Numerous bugfixes and minor enhancements

New and improved WebUI

While I really loved the new WebUI in 0.4.3 it is much a proof of concept. I have in 0.5.0 reworked this to be much more feature complete as well as usable. The WebUI is now I think ready for prime time and will probably make configuring NSClient++ much much simpler. A side effect of the new WebUI is the REST support which NSClient++ now has meaning you can now check/configure/* NSClient++ using a REST API.


While metrics might seem like a dumbed down check command (without the checks) it is actually the foundation of there next generation of NSClient++. It will apart from just being nice and allow much easier handling of Graphite et.al. allow checking compound metrics.

Improved clients

The client for instance check_nrpe was a bit buggy in 0.4.4 and 0.4.3. They have been rewritten from scratch and work much more smoothly now. They also work in many instance where before they did not for instance graphite now works.

Floating point support

Another small but important change is allowing floating point support in filters the only real benefit of this currently is that you can specify 2.3G as well as check_pdh where you can now check floating point counters. But as this required a major overhaul of the filter framework it has been long in the making.

Breaking changes

  • check_eventlog: Eventlog rendering failures are now returned as messages instead of nsclient++ log messages
  • check_eventlog: Change the default eventlog command to set warnings for warning in eventlog and crit for errors (instead of using count)
  • check_drivesize: default check only checks mounted drives
  • External Scripts: #238 Added killer so processes are killed when NSClient++ exits
  • check_tasksched: Renamed status to task_status as it clashes with regular status (Fixed #170)
  • check_service: removed trigger detection from default service state Fixes #249 I think this causes more confusion then good so for people who want this please do it manually instead... i.e. add "and is_trigger = 0"

The full list of changes can be found in the documentation https://docs.nsclient.org/whatsnew/0.5.0.html and you can download it from the 0.5.0 download site: https://www.nsclient.org/download/0.5.0/