Sorry altavista search spider,\ but its been a crazy busy spring.

I am working albeit slowly on some nice new stuff, and with luck things will slow down a bit in a week or so so I can finish them. But for now work is taking up way more time than I have...\ There has also been a few bug fix nightly builds of NSClient++ and I will try to spend some time this week and then get a new release out by early next week.

OSSMC 2015-04-15 in Bolzano, Italy

In the mean time I thought I plug a very nice conference that my good friends over at Würth Phoenix are arranging.

It has the longest(?) name in the industry "Open Source System Management Conference" and I usually try to attend as I really enjoy the conference as well as bolzano which always treats me to perfect weather.

Unfortunately this year the conference is on the same day as a Swedish work related conference I have to attend so I cannot make it.

That said if you are in the neighborhood or just want to spend a few days on the lovely mountains of northern Italy I can definitely recommend it. Always have nice presentation with a great mix of technical and business angels and it is free so what more can I say :)\ Check it out at\ Ohh yes, almost forgot it is simultaneously translated into Italian, English and German so pretty bit chance you speak at least one of those languages...

Anyways, that's all for now, and hopefully I will have some better new to post in a week or so...