After months of delays 0.4.3 was officially out during xmas. I always release tings silently so early adopters can report back issues and bugs before everyone installs things. So without further ado NSClient++ 0.4.3 (service release 2) is officially launched today!\ This release fixes some issues as well as contains updated documentation with a nifty whats new section.

So what is new you ask?

Well, if you are on 0.4.2 not to much noticeable...

webui There is a myriad of bug fixes and enhancements and what not, in general it is a much cleaner version then pretty much all 0.4.x versions have been to date. The goal of 0.4.3 was always to be a bug fixed version of 0.4.3. But it does have one rather nice new feature which is the brand new WEB UI. I really think this will help people work with NSClient++ as it makes it much easier to navigate settings and queries and get online help in real time. But all  in all your experience should be much smoother with 0.4.3 as most parts have gotten some love.

If you are on 0.4.1 (which has been the "stable" version up until now) you are in for a treat!

There are many many many changes mostly in how things work. It should be pretty compatible with the older versions but all command have been reworked and the "filtering concept" introduced in event log checks has been added to all checks. This means you can now do a lot of cool stuff, but more importantly it means ALL command work the SAME! Before most command had their own dialect and it was a bit of guess work to figure out how a specific command and option worked.

The other major change introduced in 0.4.2 was thatmodern windowssupport. Which means NSClient++ should work much better checking Windows machines.

The biggest change regardless of version you are on is deprecated insecure legacy NRPE. This does not mean NRPE is dead instead it means the legacy check_nrpe with dubious SSL implementation is deprecated, instead you can now use NSClient++ on both Linux and windows as a client to get certificate based authentication on your NRPE connection. Speaking of prtocols 0.4.3 has the first version of the REST support which will become the preferred NRPE replacement in the next version.

You can during the installer opt to use the "insecure NRPE mode" if you want to remain compatible with the "old" check_nrpe client.

For a full list of changes please refer to the various documentation pages which describes most major changes and of course the change-log for the nitty gritty details.

Download NSClient++

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