Hello everyone.

An amazing summer is over!

Just thought I'd let you all know that vacation is over and I will slowly crawl out of the hole I have been hiding in and start working again... I have thus far responded to about half of the emails and will cover the other half over the next few days. I will also get up to speed on the new forums and such as well so please have some patience. In Sweden  we had one of the best (warmest) summers ever so it is a really amazing summer which is drawing to a close...

Amazing updates

I will also in the next few days share some amazing new with you as well. Because while I may be slow on responding to emails over the summer I do tend to work diligently so we have had some pretty cool NSClient++ updates lat few weeks. I would go so far as to say that with the new web-ui which I introduced just before summer this will be the biggest update to NSClient++ ever!

0.4.3 and Training

The biggest one is that 0.4.3 is about 90% feature complete which means we will soon get alpha versions out. Had it not been for my Windows 7 box dying on me we would already have seen them. But now I have some last few build kinks to figure out before I can release a nightly build. I am hopeful that 0.4.3 will be released well in time for OSMC when I will be giving a full day NSClient++ workshop. For details on the workshop and booking please go here: http://www.netways.de/en/osmc/osmc_2014/workshops/windows_monitoring/

And please check back soon... There will be some pretty interesting updates over the next few days!

// Michael Medin