Hello duck-duck-go bot(though they probably don't have their own bot I guess...)

A new build is out (soon, had to fix a js error on the log page) which showcases a workable prototype for the WEB UI. I think the WEB UI is pretty cool and would really love feed back on it.

It is a prototype and as such please don't use this in production!

So what can you expect?


Browsing the settings works (there is an error generated every time you enter the page though but that is harmless).

Clicking a "section" (path) you can browse the keys and see the description as well as edit it. Once you have saved your settings a popup is showed which asks if you want to persist changes to disk.

You also have the option to create new "unknown keys" by clicking add, or you can use this as a shorthand add option.

Restart and Mobile

If you save changes to disk you can select restart NSClient++ to activate the changes. In the future you will be able to save settings to a custom store so you can create a new config and/or create configs for your clients.

The UI is designed on bootstrap so it is mobile aware and everything works handsomely on a mobile device with the infamous hamburger menu.

Running things

Apart from settings you can also as I showed before list and execute commands

View log in almost realtime

Lastly which I think is really cool there is a built-in log viewer so "nscp test" will soon have a fully fledged modern web cousin.

Please download the new build ( from https://nsclient.org/nscp/downloads and let me know what you think!

Apart from the WEB UI work I have spent some time over the weekend answering almost all questions on the community site for the past few weeks, as I have said before I have been mad busy at work which is now starting to slow down so I will be picking up the NSClient++ pace again...