Merethis, the company behind Centreon, is a sponsor of NSClient++ and yesterday they blogged about sponsoring NSClient++ whilst giving a quick introduction to NSClient++. Since I recently have some french questions coming I thought this would be an excellent time to provide some information about NSClient++ in the French language. To be frank the likelihood of me writing anything here about NSClient++ in French is rather slim given that I was thrown out of French class in the seventh grade.

And speaking of Merethis their product Centreon is a nice monitoring suite based on Nagios which has most things you need "out of the box" as opposed to rolling it all on your own so be sure to check them out as well regardless of if you speak French or not. Their product is not French only so no worries there.

You can find the blog post here http://www.merethis.com/fr/actualites/nos-actualites/item/206-merethiscentreon-sponsor-de-nsclient so if you speak French be sure to check it out!