Hello, I guess the biggest news is that I will once again be attending the '''Open Source System Management Conference 2013''' in Bolzano Italy. So if your near Italy please come by (it is free) and feel free to bump in to me if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions. You can find more information here [[http://www.wuerth-phoenix.com/de/loesungen/system-management/nagios-event/die-ausgabe-2013/]]. And please note that even though the page is in German '''the conference''' it self is '''translated''' into '''German, Italian and English''' meaning it is open to most people in the region. Also I am now officially '''back from my vacation''' and have hopefully responded to most questions from when I was gone '''if I have''' accidentally '''missed your question''' please don't hesitate to '''bump it to the top''' and I shall answer ASAP! I will hopefully in the next few weeks have some news on the up-coming 0.4.2 version which will be the net major version of NSClient++. // Michael Medin