Hello, I have created a new build (176) of 0.4.0 it can be found under nightly builds in the download section. Please give it a twirl as I will update the official 0.4.0 in a day or so. == 0.4.0 == The main highlights are bugs fixes (as is the intent with 0.4.0 hence forth). New features are in 0.4.1. * Reading commands from config file should now work better * Log can be disabled. * "Fixes" for log getting spammed by PDH error "negative denominator". For a fix see ticket #436 which has a reg patch which sopousedly fixes this which is due to a hypervisor bug or so they say. * Fixed performance data parsing See change log for full details. == 0.4.1 == 0.4.1 also has a build out with a new one coming in the next few days or so. The highlights from the 0.4.1 enhancements are: * NRDP support (very early concept) * Huge improvement to real-time eventlog checking. * Cleaned up almost all -Wall warnings. * New improved socket handling (less bugs) * Initial support for true ssl (early concept) * Full (?) ipv6 support (including host validation) Next up (for 0.4.1) are: * Proper NRDP support * check_mk support == Updates == And the big question: What would you like to see added/fixed? Feel free to let me know! Also on my blog I posted a question asking for ideas on what to say when I go to OSMC (Yes, I will actually go this year, despite some previous rumors to the contrary). [http://blog.medin.name/2012/06/14/what-would-you-like-to-hear-about/ Check it out here]