Hello everyone! I have been working quite hard on the 0.4.x branch this summer (instead of fixing bugs in the 0.3.x branch) and things are finally starting to look good. Right now the following is implemented: * Settings subsystem (old, ini and registry) * New plugin API (which is based off google protocol buffers) * New Settings client (for plugins, which is wicked cool) * NRPE client/server (all based off boost::asio) * NSCA client * CheckDisk, CheckEventLog, CheckExternalScripts, CheckHelpers, CheckSystem have all been ported and works * FileLogger have also been ported * The new scheduler is working (still needs a better grouping support though) What is currently missing is: * LUAScript, CheckTaskSched, CheckWMI * .net wrapper plugin * NSClientListener (check_nt) * SysTray (a lot of work is required here and probably wont make it into 0.4.0) * The installer (probably a lot of work to handle upgrades and such) * Improve the scheduler to handle groups and such. So we are getting fairly close to a set of alfa builds (sans installer) and I hope to have most of the above done in a few weeks. It would be interesting in the next few weeks to get some people interested in testing it out and helping me with migration issues and how you like the new stuff. // Michael Medin