Hello community! Awesome to see someone actually helping out here :P Really really nice! Also if there are any handy unix using people out there I will starting next week be doing a small (controlled) alpha of the up-coming 0.4.x branch which will (in addition to windows) also run on unix. The version is far from finished but it would be interesting to see how well it builds out there in the "big world" outside my Debian here at home. The features currently supported in the 0.4.x branch is: * NRPE Server * NRPE Client * NSCA Client * Scheduler (NSCA does not have one anymore) * Logging (to text file) * CheckHelpers (simplest module) * CheckExternalScripts I would also really really like to get feedback on what people would like to see in the form of features and such. Especially on *nix where I am just now starting to thread lightly... Also feel free to let me know if I am stone crazy and should give upon this! :) And again wicked big thanks to everyone who helps out and such on the forum/wiki/* here!!! // Michael Medin