NSCA Module

Posted by mickem at 2007-12-09

First version of the NSCA module is out. Module can be used to supply passive check results to nagios (instead of active checking). This is a simple mock-up which lacks many features (encryption to name one) but it would be interesting to know what people thinks of the "concept" and also if it "works" in real-world environments. To try the new module: * enable the NSCAAgent.dll * edit [NSCA Agent] section * add your favorit checks to [NSCA Commands] Changlog for the new nightly:

 2007-12-09 MickeM + Added a check if the service is started when running with /test so you get a warning + Improved the socket thread with: * a default-catch * If the socket failes to start we still wait for it to shut down (no error message) + Added first version of the NSCA agent (NSCAgent.dll) (no encryption support as of yet, but will come)

// MickeM