0.3.0 Released!

Posted by mickem at 2007-12-04

Finally, after much strife and hardship, the new version seems to be stable (or possibly all my wondrous beta testers (yes... I mean you, there can be only one) have just been lazy and not reported all the bugs they found in the RC :) Anyways, for those will on 0.2.7 there is a lot of new features and I think a lot of stability improvements. For those on the bleeding edge there is nothing new (a few bugs fixed since RC1 is all). The main new features in the 0.3.x line is: * Improved WMI module * Unicode support (that means people in can use performance counters. * *FIXES* in the socket handling (hopefully it actually works now) * Some new performance counters as well as slightly better handling Hopefully things are working, if not let me know, I shall wait till tomorrow before posting to sourceforge so feel free to let me know any bugs before then so I can quick-fix them :) // MickeM