Hello, a new build (and hopefully the last before I start doing RC:s next week) '''Whats new?''' *A lot* (internally) I have changed to a unicode build so virtuall *all* string handling have been tinkerd with so things might be broken, but it seems to work, so lets hop it is all good. I have also added a long awaited feature: you can now escape strings with ":s in the nclient++ /test mode but that is not so usefull actually, just for me when I do testing of WMI stuff :) If things work as nicely on vista/2k3/x64 I shall come up with a itanium build and start doing RC (Release Candidates) for the 0.3.0 version early next week. Also done some changes to the page so hopefully it shall be slightly esier toi navigate (as the "tabs" were starting to fill up) // MickeM

 2007-11-23 MickeM * Converted to unicode (damn sometimes I **HATE** C++) + Added support for escaping " on the /test syntax so now you can do: CheckWMI MaxCrit=3 "MinWarn=1" "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor" 2007-11-22 MickeM * Fixed so the "default path" is correct even when running as a service (issue: #96) 2007-11-21 MickeM * Fixed process counter so checkProcState now return the *correct* number (previously it was correct-1) * Fixed som missing exceptions that were not caught + Added "AliasCol" option to CheckWMIValue to allow a column to be used as "alias" for a result set: CheckWMIValue -a "Query=select Caption, ThreadCount from Win32_Process" MaxWarn=50 MaxCrit=100 Check:threads=ThreadCount AliasCol=Caption will give you: "System threads: 98 > warning, svchost.exe threads: 87 > warning" - Removed documenation from SVN (as it is old and outdated and no longer used) 2007-11-20 MickeM + Added new option to CheckSystem to override detected language (force_language=0x0014)