New w32 build!

Posted by mickem at 2007-11-04 Langenen

Started to rework the WMI plugin (much better now I hope) also have a few more thing splanned in that regard so stay tuned. Also some other minor fixes here and there so try it out and let me know how things do. Will start to wrap up when I get the WMI function all together and then we will have 0.2.8

 2007-11-04 MickeM * Rewritten WMI handling as well as checks so things should be more usefull now (cf. the wiki page for details) 2007-10-29 MickeM * Restructured build and include to work from CLI + Started to add makefiles to build from CLI + Added finnish counters (#98) * Fixed performance counter issue with check_nt (#99)

// MickeM