New version out so let me know how it work, nothing major new but some bug fixes and some minor improvements such as eventlog-check has a better syntax, support for net-masks in host lists, option to add a directory (and all files in it) as scripts. And hopefully the several times already fixed broken passwords are now finally fixed :) Issues resolved: #16, #17, #22, #26, #29, #32, #33, #34, #35, #38, #11, #39 Changelog highlights

 * Fixed -v FILEAGE check_nt (NSClient) check. + Added script_dir option to NRPE scetion as well as some sample scripts in the scripts/ subdirectory. The script_dir will use all files in this directory as scripts for NRPE + Added possibility to check many memory checks in one go, just stack type options. type=paged type=physical etc... + Added netmask support to allowed_hosts (try with and such) + Added configuration option for suppressing performance datat to the NRPE section. Set performance_data=0 to stop sendoing performancedata to nagios + New (better?) (simpler?) eventlog checking + Added option to most commands (ignore-perf-data) to suppres performance data + Added option CheckAll for checking all auto-start services to checkServiceState. Also an exclude= to exclude checking that. * Fixed "broken password check" (again) in NSClient listener (this time it is correct! :)